Comment of the Day: Aside from These 2 Issues, Fishing in Brays Bayou Is Enormously Appealing

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ASIDE FROM THESE 2 ISSUES, FISHING IN BRAYS BAYOU IS ENORMOUSLY APPEALING “The problem: I don’t think I would trust any of those fish to eat. Sure, you can catch and release, but I also don’t see the appeal of standing on the banks of a concrete ditch.” [Heightsresident, commenting on A Fishing Guide to Concrete-Lined Brays Bayou] Photo: Payton Moore

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  • Texas Parks and Wildlife maintains fishing records on Brays Bayou — I think at one point that 2011 pleco was a state record.

    I suppose all those cars need to come out of the bayou, but I fear that will really mess up the fishing.

  • It is actually really sad that Houston has all these waterways that were completely destroyed for flood control and had their waters fouled by dog poo in people’s yards and overuse of fertilizers. If our city was as vigilant at protecting the bayous as it was at building giant roads to the suburbs, our bayou system could have been an angler’s paradise.

  • My boy Lee he fish Buffalo Bayou all the time. I seen him catch huge catfish from dusk till dawn. Lee even eat some of them. I would not do it. Just would not eat anything swimming in Houston Waters god bless them. Yall stay safe out there especially if you are fishing in concrete ditches.

    Lemme know.

  • I like dat ditch. we fish all de time in it. perch, bass and some carp if your lucky. yea there som poo in there but fish poo too

  • @ Old School. I agree that it’s sad what happened to Houston’s waterways. The worst thing is that the concrete lining wasn’t necessary- there are better ways to do flood control.

  • @ Old School: Houston, a might-have-been angler’s paradise? Do you ever take a moment to read what you type before you click the “Post Comment” button?

  • About the 2 issues, we can always eat what we catch. They may not be tasty but surely they are edible, and they are the fruit of our hard labor. So, I think both the issues are baseless for worthy fishermen or anglers.