Comment of the Day: Bathtime in Cottage Grove

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BATHTIME IN COTTAGE GROVE “I took a look at the flood map which gave me the first inclination of worry. I guess hurricanes don’t give me the biggest concern since they’re not as frequent… *knock on wood* – I guess I’m just trying to get a feel for how often you might find water in your house. One of my friends lived in the Heights and would have a couple inches of water in her house everytime it rained reasonably hard and I’m just trying to avoid that situation. Once again, any insight or other experiences people have had or heard of in Cottage Grove would be great!” [Ryan, commenting on The New Inner Loop Townhome Poster Child]

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  • Oh God here we go. KJB34 will expound on this forfrickkinever!!!! Calgon take me away!!

  • hahaha. I can’t wait. Maybe if it floods enough, it’ll take the garbage out of garbage grove.

  • I live in CG. After Ike, Kansas street was under a good six inches of water. But thanks to the building requirements, all the new construction was well above the water. The water moved at a good clip and within a few hours the street was dry and the ditches were still doin’ there jobs. I saw worse flooding in areas that were not in the 100yr.

  • foobar is right.

    The roadside ditches and streets performed quite well during Ike. The amount of flooding was minimal and expected for a street and storm system that is 80-90 years old.

    All the new housing has to have finished floors at least 12 inches above the mapped floodplain and many are higher. Also, the flooding of IKE has nothing to do with the floodplain maps. I could go on a great deal about this because it’s an area people always confuse, but I have to run out to a meeting.

  • We were under contract this April to buy a new house on Kiam St which is located in the AE flood zone (100yr). We drove by the house just after (literally) the heavy April rainstorms to see if flooding could be a problem and take pictures. The yard and the driveway were flooded about two inches. The first floor (living area) is a good two feet above. There were some pools of water on some streets and the ditches were full, but nothing serious and drained quickly. So we went ahead and bought it. I would add that the ground grading around the house is important to make sure the water doesn’t stay long after the flood water recedes. I’m also glad to read from foobar that Ike flooding wasn’t much of a problem.

  • Having a huge river just downhill from Cottage Grove is very useful. There was no flooding in Camp Logan from ALLISON (the flood storm) because it all rapidly raced into the raging Interstate River (I-10)
    where it created whitewater rafting opportunities and 18 wheeler drivers sitting atop cabs. Usually this river is dry, but it is perversely handy for those who live N. of Washington and south of I-10.