Comment of the Day: Before Richmond Hall Went Light and Quiet

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BEFORE RICHMOND HALL WENT LIGHT AND QUIET “. . . The building was the original Weingartens grocery store. Then in the 1960’s /1970’s it was the Texas Opry House. Then in the early 1980’s it was the Parade Disco (yes,the Parade Disco of New Orleans Bourbon Street, fame or infamy, depending on how one looks at it). The place rocked . . . Monday nights was punk rock night and it was real punk, not the poseur “punk”. But Friday & Saturday nights was gay disco. Some of the best music ever. Then the Menil converted it into [Richmond Hall] . . . it houses Dan Flavins awesome light sculpture. [Tim, commenting on Chipperfield Sculpts the New Menil: Goodbye, Richmont Square]

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  • Parade was awesome; saw Grace Jones there. Houston clubs completely suck today by comparison.

  • Before it was Texas Opry House, it was the third home of La Maison auu GoGo. 13th Floor Elevators played there many times, Paul Revere & the Raiders (before they jumped the shark), Shiva’s Head Band, etc.