Comment of the Day: Beware the Alluring Bayou Park Plan

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BEWARE THE ALLURING BAYOU PARK PLAN “This appears to be a banking scheme that would have the Federal Reserve Bank(s) finance and hold securities on these important lands in many large cities across the US. More scrutiny of the fine print and long-term ramifications is needed before yielding to the sensuous propaganda.” [Dana-X, commenting on Enormous Plan To Build Bayou-Side Parks: The Movie]

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  • Cue sinister organ music… NOW!

  • I don’t care if the plan has been devised by aliens who want to eat our brains…Houston needs something like this desperately.

  • You are going to have to point out the sinister aspect of this plan…

    The government already owns some prime real estate and mineral rights in this country. That isn’t a foreign concept. What are you concerned this plan might distract the Fed from its latest business of printing money and partially nationalizing banks?

    Cheers to more trees!

  • Ditto on what Darogr said & yes “Cheers to more trees”. Why do we always have to focus on the negative anyways?!