Comment of the Day: Broadacres’ Long History of Public-Private Partnerships

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BROADACRES’ LONG HISTORY OF PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS “In a way, this is just the latest battle in a hundred year old fight. On a Preservation Houston tour of Broadacres (where we trespassed all over the esplanades), it was pointed out that the neighborhood was originally designed as a closed loop with the only access to the city via Parkway to the east. Houston, however, viewed the streets as public and forced the developers to cede ROW through the lots on the western side of the loop to connect North and South Blvds to their counterparts in the west. This is why North and South Blvds pinch weirdly right around West Blvd. — when you’re ceding expensive land, you only give the minimum required. . . .” [Cactus, commenting on Who Owns the Esplanades on North and South Boulevards?] Photo of Broadacres assessor’s map: HCAD

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  • If people are trapsing all around and being rude then it’s easy to see why the homeowners might be miffed. However, if what Cactus says is correct, then the time to take a stand on this issue might have been about a hundred years ago…

  • Ummm…was raw land on the outskirts of 1920s Houston really all that expensive?