Comment of the Day: Can You Hear It Now?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CAN YOU HEAR IT NOW? “On a related note, a number of years ago I lived across the street from a condo complex. For no apparent reason, their dumpster started getting picked up in the middle of the night. After the second or third time this happened, I looked up the company president’s name in the public records; as luck would have it he had a listed phone number. The next time it happened I called and woke him up while the racket was going on. That was the last 3 AM pickup.” [mollusk, commenting on Arriving Late and Departing Early in Old Braeswood] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Thanks for the uplifting story.

  • I had a similar experience where the truck started coming at 3:30 – and would hit all 3 dumpsters. Then he would sit in the parking lot and squeeze the mess together! …the walls would shake! I called the retail owner and he had them reschedule to after 7AM. …it can work out.

  • You, sir / madam, are a genius.

  • Congrats that the call worked. We have a contract with one of the big waste companies that pick up all our dumpsters on a fixed schedule (once or twice a week). I don’t think I can pick the time.

  • you and every person living in the complex complained, I’m sure.