Comment of the Day: Catch Me If You Can, Sez ‘Poop’ Hack Perp

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, SEZ ‘POOP’ HACK PERP “I BROKE NOTHING!!!! THERE WAS NO LOCK!!!! THEY’RE TRYIN TO COVER THEIR A$$3$!!!! THAT’S CRAP!!!! But seriously, let them try to find me. I guarantee they won’t. I’ll give you a hint. I bounce around the world 9 times before I actually connect to the internet. If they wanna try to track my IP, they’ll be in for a long and hard journey. Also, as for cameras, I’d love to see the video! Bring it on! When you do things that can get you in trouble, you can’t be afraid of the consequences.” [theguythatdidit, commenting on What Dirty Little Secret Was This Downtown Sign Hiding?]

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  • I saw this sign after I went to Jones Hall and Birraporetti’s this weekend. I think it is hilarious, and it totally made my night to watch all the people stop, look, and laugh as they passed by. It was innocent fun and quite entertaining.

  • why not use your talents and have the sign say something of value?

  • tic: Agree. But “Stop putting red tags on my property” was way too many letters for a street sign :)

  • why not use your talents and have the sign say something of value?

    “Please don’t hit the sign”?

  • #2 Perhaps he uses his talents in other ways that benefit mankind.

    This is probably just a way to relieve stress!! Wish I’d been downtown to see for myself.

  • Didn’t someone show up and “confess” yesterday? Same guy, or just a publicity junkie?

  • Charlie Sheen is omnipresent!

  • lol, reminds me of this college prank some graduating seniors did at our school. nonetheless, seems like a harmless crime, everyone smile a bit :)