Comment of the Day: Catechism of the Native Houstonian

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CATECHISM OF THE NATIVE HOUSTONIAN “I grew up in Houston and never thought I’d choose to live here long term, but life and kids and job opportunities kept me here. I have grown to love this city. I travel frequently for work and am always impressed, for instance, at how clean Houston is by comparison. The biggest difference is the attitude that if you have a good idea and the guts to try, you can succeed here. You aren’t subject to the same kind of exclusionary treatment by the monied elite of some other cities. I live close in and take advantage of art and entertainment that seem a bargain and rival other major cities of the world. If we could just fix the summer heat, it would be wonderful.” [stevec, commenting on Comment of the Day: Pack Them In]

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  • “If we could just fix the summer heat, it would be wonderful.”

    And add a few hills.

  • Ditto my sentiments.

  • One other thing that lessens the quality of life in Houston? Mosquitos! It is like a never-ending Biblical plague around here.

  • You have to admit, mosquitoes have been close to non existent the past 4 or 5 years. No doubt when we get back on normal rain patters, they will come back with a fury.

  • Except that awful week where the floodwater mosquitos came out to play. And I had to be outside in Deer Park that week.

    Did you know that mosquitos can bite through Nomex?

  • Well said, Steve!

  • You are so right, Houston is a great place to live!!

  • first: steve c- i was about ready to jump all over your comment about the “moneyed elite” in other cities & rant about how houston has more billionaires than anywhere i’ve ever lived in the northeast, yadda yadda yadda…
    but then read the next part about the arts here & realized my folly.
    you’re right & you make a good point. i’m always raving to my yankee friends- who say i sold out by moving to houston (well, texas)- that this city has the best art scene i’ve ever known. and that’s b/c everyone is welcome, accpted, & embraced- not just the socialites & their pet artists.
    you’ve given this good yankee liberal something to think about, thanks.

    second: GU!C- the mosquitos have been nonexistant for the past 4-5 years??!!?!
    the five years i’ve lived in houston have been the most miserable of my life from a mosquito standpoint!!!
    i’m in trouble if things get back to ‘normal’.

  • Cosigned. Houston is amazing city where almost anyone interested in doing anything can succeed leaps and bounds above the rest. Just takes a little effort, and the beauty and amazingly rich opportunities of Houston will open up. The only things I would change about Houston is access to public transportation, which is happening. Can’t wait to see how that will reinvigorate the downtown space.