Comment of the Day: Chopping Off A Vestigial Tale in Midtown

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CHOPPING OFF A VESTIGIAL TALE IN MIDTOWN 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston“Yes, it is ‘a vestige’ of history, but only that. The interior doesn’t have a century-old feel — because every century-old vestige is removed! I would have thought to keep rooms evident in the interior, since it looks like a home from the outside . . .  this can be achieved and meet fire safety requirements. I hope the place succeeds. But if [the building] gets torn down in 3 to 4 years, I won’t be sad — it’s already gone.” [movocelot, commenting on Century-Old Sterling House To Open As Sterling House After All] Photo of the Sterling House at 3015 Bagby St.: Swamplot inbox