Comment of the Day: Cold Case, Rice Village

COMMENT OF THE DAY: COLD CASE, RICE VILLAGE “Seems to me a little backwards math could figure this one out. The trajectory (calculated from point of entry through roof vs point of breakage of the glassware) and size of object thrown (amount of melting can be estimated based on size of ice recovered vs time and temperature) should be able to figure out very close which balcony the blocks came from.” [tanith27, commenting on Iced Again: A White Christmas Comes Early to Hans’ Bier Haus]

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  • One could also check nearby stores to see who bought giant blocks of ice, since I don’t think these are common objects that most people normally buy.

  • Actually, block of ice, outside the food and hospitality sector, is difficult to locate. From my perspective, I believe the only location in Houston to buy block ice is a convenience store on Main / Fannin Street between Med Centre and Astrodome area ; however my perspective is dated.

  • Quick, do a CSI-like database search of all the freezer owners in Houston. :/ It’s a good thing those blocks of ice contain trace amounts of doucheterium that can only be found in a few Sub-Zero IQ freezers sold in the Houston area.

  • The Randalls on Weslayan used to sell blocks of ice – I believe they were 5-pound? But that was back in ’96 when I lived up the street. What about Spec’s?

    Anyway, reading the doucheterium comment alone was worth the site visit.

  • the original read as if the block-tossing location was on/in the parking garage… I would assume all residents of the high rise would have equal access?

  • From kilray:

    Dang funny.

  • Just condemn the condo’s as a public nuisance and make a parking lot for Hans’