Comment of the Day: Confessions of a Curious Homeseller

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CONFESSIONS OF A CURIOUS HOMESELLER “I used the baby monitor to listen to the showings of my house. Just hung out at the neighbors. Not because I thought our realtor needed monitoring but because I was just so, so curious about what folks would say about my house. No real surprises. But I was amazed how many people brought small children to the showing–they spent a lot of time telling their kids to leave our coasters alone.” [Merrie, commenting on Spying on the Homebuyers]

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  • When I showed my old house, I really didn’t want to hear what people had to say.

  • If buyers hear about this, they may not feel comfortable talking in a house and they may not buy.

  • I would certainly skip a house wired with surveillance. My assumption would be that the owners were neurotic control freaks and negotiations would be a nightmare.

  • No biggie, I rarely say anything in private I wouldn’t say to the persons face. But then again, most people think I’m an ignorant bitch.