Comment of the Day: Crime Block

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CRIME BLOCK “Does having a wall at a dead end street make it more secure? In some ways, criminals may be safer where no one can see them during the day, or night. The wall may act as a buffer for thieves instead of hindering their action. There are many stories in the neighborhood where high walls and fences encouraged thieves. Typically, pedestrian areas seem to be more safe since there is always someone watching. So I’m not sure about the safety for those residents on the dead end street with just a wall.” [Montrose Slums, commenting on Open and Shut: The Montrose H-E-B’s Pedestrian Gates]

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  • Good example – Gilcrest Dr off of Bammel Village Dr, near FM 1960 and Kuykendahl.

    Small little, dead-end street with a wall – criminals hang out there, do drugs, and who knows what else…

  • Less secure. If I’m a criminal (and I’m not) the wall lets me concentrate on my “activities” without much worry about the 180 degrees behind me. The gates also provide easy egress in the event I need to abort said “activities” and make quick get away. It’s a good idea to lock them after dark.