Comment of the Day: Delineating the Houston-Katy Border DMZ

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DELINEATING THE HOUSTON-KATY BORDER DMZ “I always thought George Bush Park was an appropriate boundary between what should be called ‘Houston’ and what should be called ‘Katy.’ However, this requires suffering a weird ‘interzone’ considering the feeder roads and Park Ten. Still, Park Ten has a feel of neutrality to it. Might still work.” [Katied, commenting on A Peek Inside Houston’s New J. Crew No. 2]

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  • The Houston-Katy boundary is not a physical location but a state of mind.

  • Katy proper is almost entirely north of I-10. All that mess that people call “Katy” is really just unincorporated Fort Bend and/or Harris County. They think they’re in “Katy” because their kids go to a Katy ISD school.

    From the official City of Katy website:
    Old Katy is the actual city limits of Katy and lies mostly north of Interstate 10.

    Interestingly, most of that unincorporated area that people call Katy is in Houston’s ETJ, not Katy’s, so Cinco Raunch could someday be annexed by Houston, but not by Katy, unless Houston releases it like they did for Katy Mills Mall.