Comment of the Day: Demolition Is in the Eye of the Beholder

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DEMOLITION IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER “. . . I see lots to be salvaged and given to Habitat for Humanity. All that wood flooring, everything in the kitchen, especially the stainless countertop and appliances, french doors, louvered closet doors, balcony railings inside and out, granite bar top and light fixture, bathroom cabinets and granite countertop, tub. Not sure if the tile flooring can be taken up, and the plate glass windows would be tough to pull without breaking. I would love to plan and build a house around items from Habitat. I have seen some very unique things there. For now, I just have a greenhouse with a door, leaded glass sidelight, and jalousie windows from Habitat. And some really neat ceramic tiles that I plan on putting on the potting bench. I’m going to go back and get reclaimed brick for the patio.” [Lynn, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Passing the Red Baton]

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  • Yep. We just finished a large shed/workshop built with Habitat bits. Double pane windows and a nice prehung door. Once we get the place dry I plan to floor it with reclaimed hardwoods.

  • There’s an old bungalow down the street from me for sale as a tear down. I’m hoping that I can ask them for the shiplap in the walls before they bring in the bulldozers. I’d love to use it with some I’ve pulled from my own house.

  • ‘stina:

    Just make sure you ask the right person.

    It does matter whether it’s the owner or city doing the demo.