Comment of the Day: Didn’t Mean To Stop at PJ’s Sports Bar That Night

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DIDN’T MEAN TO STOP AT PJ’S SPORTS BAR THAT NIGHT “Love the ‘he forgot his bumper’ story, but it’s not true. I was driving my S4 eastbound on W. Gray, and the Ford apparently ran the stop sign at Stanford northbound and knocked me across the road and into PJ’s. My car was smashed on both ends and definitely could not be driven. Maybe the cops towed it promptly — I was busy bleeding on the lawn and talking to witnesses as I waited on an ambulance. Two nights in the hospital, but I’ll be fine.” [Stefan, commenting on The New Audi-Sized Hole Drilled into PJ’s Sports Bar on W. Gray Last Night] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Glad you’re ok. Ugh, Houston driver’s. More then likely, drunk or illegal or both.

  • Yup,

    Guy ran a red light and totaled my ride, he had no driver’s license or proof of insurance, cop let him drive off in his smashed van while my SUV was towed to the dump. Cop looked at me like I was crazy when I asked WTF. Luckily a woman stopped who witnessed him running the light. Get a dash cam as the streets of Houston are lawless.