Comment of the Day: Discovering Yet Another New Houston Walmart

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DISCOVERING YET ANOTHER NEW HOUSTON WALMART “. . . in my search for Wal-Mart to see if anything is going on at Yale, I found that a license is out for Wally at I-10 and Silber behind the Marq-E. $9 mil, starting 04/10 and finishing 1/11. Wally wants to be at every I-10 exit, I suppose. That seems more than gossip, right, if there’s a license and review completed? Who knew all of Wally’s 2010/2011 new stores would be in a ten mile radius in Houston, TX? Awesome growth plan, guys!” [brandyc, commenting on Swamplot Street Sleuths: Chances Are]

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  • Although the Silber location seem extremely close to the Yale one, they populations they serve are different.

    I can easily see them building both and having both filled to brim with customers.

    I live dead center between the two, but will likely only shop at the one at Yale.

    Also, think about it in Home Depot’s. There is one on Shepherd at 610, Bingle at I-10, and one at Fairbanks-N Houston at 290. Looking at the configuration, Wal-Mart has pretty much the same triangle. All these keep busy.

  • Have you seen the latetest round of Wally World’s commericals? Featuring a nice picture of downtown while he drives by drones on about grocery prices. I doubt they would go to that kind of trouble and PR were this not already a done deal, or very close to being. Hello Houston end the commerical, goodbye empty lot somewhere maybe twice on I10.

  • A big recession hits, wealthier shoppers lose buying power and all of a sudden Walmarts start popping up like rabbits all over the inner city. Forget Chances, now that sounds like a conspiracy. ;-)

  • since nobody replied to my post this morning…sad to see this actually happening.
    I guess SuperMercado on Longpoint doesn’t the needs for the neighborhood.

  • Bring on the Walmart! Build the Ashby Highrise!