Comment of the Day: Donut Rush Hour in Oak Forest

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DONUT RUSH HOUR IN OAK FOREST “That Shipley’s must draw folks from miles around. Theres almost always a long line of cars, often extending out onto Ella. I am always amazed too at the long lines late at night…who eats donuts at 11pm? I guess they’re night shift workers. Yep, they need to re-do that whole shopping plaza and center it around that Shipleys, providing tons of drive-thru space :)” [JRo, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: The Ella Square Deal] Photo of Shipley’s Donuts, 3410 Ella Blvd.: Chad & Susan Harris

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  • “Who eats donuts at 11:00 at night?” What, are you a communist? :)

  • Damn good apple fritters there, cripsy, verging on burnt, just how I like em, and the sizes of some of the donuts are larger than other locations.

  • Ah, but Brooke Smith’s own North Main Shipley has those boudin kolaches…

  • Not only do they have the best “hot glazed” in town, they also have a cool looking vintage neon sign, with matching roof signs on the front corners.

  • They are the only Shipleys I know of that has chocolate iced that have already been glazed. Between them and El Rey it is a delicious intersection.

  • I have never understood the Shipleys donut thing. They donuts taste day old and they are not very good. Dunkin donuts is so much better. When I moved here 3 years a go I could not believe people though this place was good.

  • I’m with you chitdb. Shipley is terrible. I’m not sure you can call them donuts.

  • Dunkin donuts can be good, but their brand presence in Houston is very limited. They only have a handfull of store locations.

  • Don’t mess with Shipley’s! I’ve been eating at that little Shipley’s on Ella my whole life (that’s 40 + years.) I have been known to go through that drive thru at all hours of the day & night. It is like coming home to a long lost friend. The donuus are always hot & fresh – it never disappoints.

  • If you order donut holes here, they’ll pack the bag full. While other locations count 12 or 13 our and prepackage them to get cold and stale, this location will make you taste donut holes for the rest of the day!