Comment of the Day: Driving the Gentle Hills of Tanglewood

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DRIVING THE GENTLE HILLS OF TANGLEWOOD “. . . I think the layout of the streets can have a significant effect on how the neighbors interact. Did you know Tanglewood streets were laid out the way they are with several curving to give the feel of inclines where there were none lending it to a more genteel feeling as opposed to the straight street grid which is a bit cold. With those curvy streets, they still have a pretty straight street grid, but with more gentleness. While cul de sacs may create community within that cul de sac, I think it cuts the few houses on it off from the rest of the streets and therefore offers fewer opportunities for casual social interaction and in effect creates an us against them. Of course these are all generalizations, but developers deal in generalizations anyway.” [EMME, commenting on Welcome to Bizarro Heights. What Are You Drinking?]

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  • I can’t believe I used the word genteel.

    a: having an aristocratic quality or flavor : stylish b: of or relating to the gentry or upper class c: elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape d: free from vulgarity or rudeness

    While I meant definition c, a and b ended up being appropriate as well.

  • Interesting. I know developers also use curved streets to slow down vehicular traffic. Regardless, I bet Tanglewood is like other upscale Houston neighborhoods, in that none of the residents ever go outside to interact.

  • Actually, the trail down Tanglewood Blvd between Chimney Rock and Post Oak gets downright cruisy at certain times of the day. Buffy can show of her new diamond tennis bracelot while walking the labradoodle all at one swell time.

  • Ease up, folks. Tanglewood is as friendly as can be. In our pre-dawn marathon training runs through the neighborhood there are always plenty of neighbors out for their walks greeting each other by name, and they are cordial to us. During the Houston Marathon the Tanglewood spectators are the best in town for encouragement and refreshment, offering energetic support, freshly-peeled bananas (instead of cut into chunks with the peel still on — how the heck is a runner supposed to eat that?) and oranges also not only peeled but SECTIONED. Now *that* is thoughtfulness!