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  • Word. But a grocery store would be awesome.

  • Oh my, EaDo sounds so fancy!

  • Not to mention that your many homeless neighbors subsist on locally sourced dumpster refuse and malt liquor.

  • LandedGent, you really are one in a million.

    That isn’t right-how many people live in River Oaks?

    You are one a thousand.

  • #4 Mel,
    Actually, I think you got it wrong. He’s really bringing up the bottom of the barrel, no matter where he lives.

    Of course, money does not buy class.

  • sugarpie, if you are really interested in growing in a space-limited urban environment, there’s a hydroponics supply store at the corner of St. Charles and Rusk. That way, you can grow all of the … uh … cilantro you want and even make a profit!