Comment of the Day: Ending the Gaywood Embarrassment

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ENDING THE GAYWOOD EMBARRASSMENT “As a longtime resident of Gaywood, I can tell you we have had a lot of fun with that name. In fact, I have even entertained making the following motion at one of our homeowners’ association meetings: ‘In order to end the embarrassment we all suffer because of the name of this subdivision, we should remove that offensive, misleading, double-entendre word from the name. Therefore, I propose that we rename our subdivision . . . GayFOREST.’” [Scott, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Capping Haddick]

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  • Scott is probably not thought of as that funny with the 65+ crowd there at those meetings.

    I think it’s pretty comical, however. All kidding aside, my family has discussed the idea of settling to parts west Stratford in years to come, east of Kirkwood only.

    We really can’t justify living on anything called “gay” in the name, it’s just not worth it. I would live on Wycliffe and see my child grow a third eyeball from the power lines, sooner.

    Stratford is really a great area, though. Change the name, and I’m a buyer.

  • As someone who moved to Nottingham Forest in 1965, I find nothing to be embarrassed about the name Gaywood. What I would find shame in is the fact all the lovely homes are being bulldozed to make way for McMansions. Now that is something which should bring shame.

  • Pretty sad and pathetic you guys are unable to live on anything with the name “gay” in it. It’s just a frekin’ word and I has more than one meaning so get over it!

  • I am not sure which is worse, the name of the subdivision or the McMansionication that is going on. I keep looking for all of the Lick N’ Stick to be all over the ground after it rains hard.

  • I’m about as conservative as they come (pun), and all I can say is GTF over it or go elsewhere. How freaking fun would it be to make all the Gaywood jokes with your 30-something neighbors all the while hoping your kids don’t hear AND don’t understand?

    Make the largest investment in your life for the right reasons and you’ll end up getting the last laugh. Or in this case the first AND last laugh.

    PS: any reference to McMansions that also lambasts the name Gaywood might result in a black hole that ends the universe

  • Right, poster #1 must still be in middle school.

  • Pretty stupid to not move to a neighborhood because of the name…

    (And yes, I know I’m the one who started this Gaywood discussion, because – the name is hilarious.)

  • Get a life, who cares, hasn’t hurt the Gay automotive group which has been operating in Dickinson for generations.

  • do what everyone else does, call it Memorial…