Comment of the Day: Feeling the Energy All Around Houston

COMMENT OF THE DAY: FEELING THE ENERGY ALL AROUND HOUSTON “I see nothing wrong with XOM making the move to the Woodlands area. It now creates a third energy corridor in the Houston metro area, and a different environment in which to recruit. CBD has Chevron, BG, Shell, El Paso, Enterprise, etc. Woodlands now will have Anadarko & XOM. BP and service companies are located on the west side. Now you have can have real options on living close to where you work — and the type of lifestyle that you want.” [DJ, commenting on Urban Escape: An ExxonMobil Video Tour and Explanation for Its Enormous New Houston Forest Campus]

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  • “Now you have can have real options on living close to where you work and the type of lifestyle that you want.”

    Except if you want the option of being in the center of town, and the lifestyle of not driving a half-hour to get to work.

    I’d far prefer being in Downtown, where there are at least other shops and restaurants and services, to a campus setting where it takes 15 minutes just to get off the property.

  • Dave102:

    “CBD has Chevron, BG, Shell, El Paso, Enterprise, etc.”

  • True. And I work for a company just inside the Beltway but live near Downtown. I’ve said, though, that if we ever move further out, I’d quit. The current 30 minutes is my commute limit.

  • I’ve worked downtown, Greenway, American General, a couple small separate offices in the Heights and Montrose, and out in Westchase. One of the things I really like about downtown is that I don’t have to get in the car to do something that does not directly involve work, like have lunch someplace different, go to the drug store, etc., etc.

  • Given that the number of potential employees living in the suburbs probably outnumbers the potential employees in downtown by 300 to 1, I’d say that a campus further out makes sense.

    Very few employees with kids stay in town – the perception of better schools, and twice as much house for the same money win out most of the time.

  • @5

    I’m glad you said the “perception” of better schools.

    With all the magnet and vangard schools that HISD has, moving to the ‘burbs for schools is not a valid excuse anymore.

    Well, I guess it is if the kid can’t get into a magnet or vangard school. They do have requirements, one of which is grades.

    After working for HISD for a year my wife will never permit any children of hers to be in those schools.

  • @Spoonman, we are very happy with the education our child receives from HISD. He’s in a magnet school, and the parents are very involved, which helps a lot. What was your wife’s objection to HISD, and why does she think any other public school district would be different?

  • @Spoonman,
    All my kids are products of HISD and the magnet program and I couldn’t be happier.

    They all have graduated from college, are productive and happy, well adjusted young adults.

    Plus, husband and I got to stay in our inner loop, east end home. Win win.

    Even more surprising perhaps, our children want to stay inside the loop also. They have embraced the lifestyle of living close to all things really cool.

    I second what Ross said and wonder what, after only ONE year, was so bad that it soured you and your wife on all HISD.