Comment of the Day: Gotta Know Your Chinese Imports

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GOTTA KNOW YOUR CHINESE IMPORTS “I think some people are confusing the ‘Chinaberry’ [tree] (Melia azedarach) with the ‘Chinese Tallow’ (Triadica sebifera), the former being much messier but easier on the bare feet, and the latter being much more invasive.” [Superdave, commenting on Don’t Chop Down the Rodney Crowell Tree!]

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  • The Chinese Tallow has been taking quite a beating lately in the press. “Wahhh, kill them all because they’re not native and they’re invasive!” I’m starting to get these hateful declarations confused with Arizona’s immigration law.

    How about if instead of simply dismissing it as a “noxious weed,’ we instead think about the potential of that much fast-growing biomass. Fear is what’s invasive.