Comment of the Day: Have I Got Trees for You

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HAVE I GOT TREES FOR YOU “One miserable tree in the entire 10,500 sq. ft. yard. I’ve heard that home buyers hate landscaping, but this is ridiculous. How ’bout a few bald cypress on the west side to cut down utility bills? A few live oaks in the front would be nice. A few water oaks in the back would be interesting, or go crazy and make it Shumard oaks. Even a mass planting of pink muhly could go somewhere; to hell with the neighbors put ‘em in the front! I’ll stop now.” [Chef, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Glacier Bay]

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  • Wow- Chef, you think just like me!
    Not one single living plant of any kind on the entire property!
    And they’re wanting to sell??!!
    Good luck! How about the white fridge and that dining room decor?

  • Oh please, some people are allergic to tree pollen.

    Simple as that.

    I’m not personally allergic but I do know folks who are. It seems unrealistic to me that they would move into a neighborhood full of trees and then proceed to cut down every tree in their yard but I know people who have done just that!!

    It is also unrealistic to me that they think cutting down their trees will cure their problem. What about every other yard in the neighborhood that has trees? I’ve never gotten a satisfactory explanation.

    I have seen this in my own neighborhood and it is very sad. Very healthy trees cut down in their prime.

  • Or they could be like me, and clueless when it comes to landscape design and picking out trees so they just don’t. Putting down mulch around a tree and sod is about as complicated as I get (the cooking equivalent of being able to make toast)
    Chef, you’re welcome to come by any of my places and tell me what I should plant where.

  • I suspect the lack of trees has something to do with a once-planned pool that never came to fruition?

  • If you are allergic to tree pollen and don’t want trees in your yard, please move to Katy. There are plenty such houses available for you there. Please don’t cut down trees in a neighborhood that has plenty of very nice ones.

  • Not having trees in your front yard is not going to save someone with allergies from tree pollen.

    Trees produce large amounts of pollen that can be distributed miles away.

    Best thing they could have done, if they really were worried about pollen, is get something like a female cottonwood, which has a decently long life, grows very fast in Houston and because it’s a female cottonwood, it doesn’t produce any pollen.
    Or move to the desert.