Comment of the Day: He-Man, You Have the Power to Save These Turrets!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HE-MAN, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE THESE TURRETS! “This house will more than likely be torn down. It’s a shame, really, because it’s one of the most unique structures in town, but the list of people who, a) could afford the $300K price tag, and b) would want to live in a house that looks like Castle Grayskull, is probably pretty short.” [Stormy Blanco, commenting on Wichita St. Mystery House Goes on the Market Today: Your First Peek Inside]

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  • i don’t think it will, not in that area. I just don’t see that much demand for lots to build on yet, especially if you have to buy it at this price. 3rd. ward isn’t quite there in re-development….

  • Agreed. Lot value probably $50,000 to $75,000.

  • *mutters good luck incantation over Powerball ticket*