Comment of the Day: Hiding Out on the Top Floor of a 4-Story Townhouse

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HIDING OUT ON THE TOP FLOOR OF A 4-STORY TOWNHOUSE “I’d hate to be the parents of the kid in bedroom #3, having to run up stairs to check on him. Do you have any idea how much mischief a teenager in a place like that could get in? I once had a bedroom like that as a kid, and it was awesome.” [Roy, commenting on Some Happy Guerilla Architectural Disagreement in Montrose, Ya’ll]

One Comment

  • when i bought my 3 story townhouse it was/is “elevator ready” but did not have elevator. The elevator shaft goes up through the center of my stair case and makes the stairwell too narrow. So when i went to move into my new 3000 sq foot townhome I couldnt fit much of my furniture into it. I ended up having to rent a forklift and move furniture in through the windows of the second floor (living area). My master is 30’s high to the windows so i had to go to IKEA and buy a small apartment type bed frame and sell my big bed frame. Sometimes architects just dont think these things through. btw, I paid $350k for it, who has $350k house with elevator? I associate a house with elevator to be on the expensive side, $1 mill and up type home.