Comment of the Day: Holding Down the Fort at 3400 Montrose

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOLDING DOWN THE FORT AT 3400 MONTROSE “The building has not been shut down, I am still renting there. They have not communicated any plans. It would make an excellent art studio building, and there is money in that- take Winter Street Studios as an example. Would also make great living spaces, but would require tremendous remodel. If you hear any clues about plans of owners, please post!” [Stoney, commenting on Scott Gertner’s Skybar Closing, May Take the Whole Building with It]

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  • There is already one pretty interesting art space in that building, called Skydive ( So Stoney’s idea has merit. Unlike the Winter Street Studios, though, this building sits on a pretty prime piece of real estate on a major street, which probably mitigates against it being turned into CSAW mark II. The building seems a bit run-down, but not awful (although if it has problems like asbestos, like jcorr suggests in all caps above, they wouldn’t be visible to the casual visitor).