Comment of the Day: Houstonians Wouldn’t Know Density If It Parked Right In Front of Them

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOUSTONIANS WOULDN’T KNOW DENSITY IF IT PARKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM Illustration of Oversized Parking LotThis is exactly what happens in every dense city. If you go to Brooklyn, you will see cars street-parked in front of the brownstones. Few of those cars belong to the resident of the brownstone immediately adjacent. They recognize that they don’t own the street parking in front of their residence. It’s an incredible waste of resources to require that those perfectly good parking spaces remain vacant, in favor of large separate parking structures.” [Heightsresident, commenting on Comment of the Day: How To Tilt The Zero-Sum Houston Transit Game] Illustration: Lulu

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  • The obvious difference between us and Brooklyn is we have the room for parking lots. The more ya know…

  • TwinklingStar,

    If we have so much room available that we can’t find a better use for then why do we have require parking lots be built?

  • @ Twinkler: Increasingly less and less room though, and what room remains, is becoming rather expensive. On-street general public parking is perfectly acceptable, indeed necessary, and something residents of the Heights, Montrose, etc. should get used to. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  • OTOH, park in a shoveled-out space in front of a brownstone in Chicago in January you’d be lucky to return and find all your windows intact.