Comment of the Day: Houston’s Give and Take

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOUSTON’S GIVE AND TAKE “. . . COH is required by very clear and strict regulations to treat sewage to standards which make the effluent suitable for discharge into a waterway which can than have water extracted for purification into drinking water. A huge number of communities get their drinking water and discharge their sewage effluent into and from the same body of water. Think of the Trinity River. It’s no big deal.” [Spoonman., commenting on Comment of the Day: Bayou Overlook]

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  • Lol @ COH is “required”… COH unfortunately often doesn’t do what is required by ‘very clear and strict regulations’…

  • COH is far better at treating sewage than the Memorial Villages, which spent years dumping raw sewage into Buffalo Bayou rather than spend the money necessary to build appropriately sized treatment plants. And, the big COH treatment plant is pretty far downstream. The chemicals and such in the Bayou tend to come from storm runoff rather than bad treatment.