Comment of the Day: How Astrodome DÉjÀ-Vu Could Fuel the Next Houston Boom and Bust

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW ASTRODOME DÉJÀ-VU COULD FUEL THE NEXT HOUSTON BOOM AND BUST Carnival in the Astrodome“We shouldn’t have a [tourism] industry because it’s cyclical? Hello — oil industry? That’s the epitome of a cyclical industry. But I do agree with Memebag: Our climate absolutely sucks for an outdoor tourism industry, not to mention being the only city I’ve ever seen that had all the pollution of a deepwater port with none of the scenery. If only we had a gigantic, air conditioned space that could hold an amusement park . . .” [Chris C., commenting on Comment of the Day: Houston Is Not Here For Your EntertainmentPhoto of 2007 carnival inside the Astrodome: Jeff Balke

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  • I think Houston has absolutely incredible weather from October through May. Outside of the coast of California, there really isn’t anywhere in the country with a more temperate climate.

  • Now y’all have got me wondering if an Anton Schwarzkopf traveling coaster would fit inside the dome.
    I bet it would.

  • Why don’t we use a little foresight and plan something relevant for a few years from now for the Astrodome. Pokemon Go is all the rave right now but people are out getting injured walking the open streets. There’s also complaints of it leading to trespassing on private property. Why don’t we make the inside of the Astrodome a giant safe haven for augmented reality users. Let’s face it, video games are the only thing that can motivate us millennials to exercise. Let’s make it a high tech gaming/exercise park. Talk about putting Houston on the map!!! It would be super cheap too. The infrastructure we’d need to add inside the park would be minimal. I’m sure Nintendo would love to add it to their map. I’m sure the next virtual reality developer could make use of it as well. VR is the future, no question. Let’s cement ourselves as a high tech city rather than continuing to be known as a city entirely based on yesterdays energy source.

  • It’s a comment of the day, about…
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  • Both cyclical, maybe, but on two totally different scales and that’s about where the comparisons end.

  • I love all these ideas of putting a major attraction on a footprint of land a little larger than a baseball field. I know the dome looks spacious but even Astroworld was constrained by its property boundaries and it was many times larger in acreage than the land inside the dome.