Comment of the Day: How Houstonians Can Live Longer, More Satisfying Lives

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW HOUSTONIANS CAN LIVE LONGER, MORE SATISFYING LIVES “I’ve managed to avoid the Galleria area for 2-3 years now and quite enjoy it! That area is a constant pain, construction or not. I’m sure I’ve added a few extra years to my life merely by removing Uptown as an option for anything.” [tanith27, commenting on Trimming Uptown Trees and Driveways: Where Metro Is Shopping for Land on Post Oak Blvd.]

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  • I am forced to go there frequently to get my Louis Vuitton lux leather goods

  • I agree, and I include the Loop between I-10 and 59 there as well (always to be avoided if possible). The thing is, I occasionally convince myself, against my better judgment, that there is something I need that I can get there, and it happens to be right on my way between point A and point B. The most recent time was when I was heading from Gessner and Westheimer to an art gallery in Montrose, and I wanted to buy some gloves–so why not stop at the Galleria on the way? On the face of it, it seems like an obvious solution.

    Big mistake. Traffic was typically (but endurably) bad, but I managed to lose my car in the @#$#&% parking garage and spent 45 minutes searching for it! I should have known something like that would happen, if only because it does every single time! Grrr!

  • Don’t hate on uptown, river oaks, and montrose. We are happy that you stay away.