Comment of the Day: How Last Night’s A$AP Mob Show on the White Oak Music Hall Lawn Might’ve Brought Down the House

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW LAST NIGHT’S A$AP MOB SHOW ON THE WHITE OAK MUSIC HALL LAWN MIGHT’VE BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. WOMH should cut a deal fast to make major sound mitigation improvements before the court and the City shuts them down. People on both sides of I-45 are hopping mad about the concert last night. It is a huge roll of the dice to expect a bunch of jurors to say: ‘Yeah, a big concert venue in the middle of a residential neighborhood is no big deal.’” [Old School, commenting on FEMA Aid Deadline Extended; Pre-Trial Outdoor Shows Can Go On at White Oak Music Hall; Hakeem Olajuwon in the Red Mango Biz] Video clip of last night’s outdoor concert (NSFW): FIRST CLASS BEATS

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  • Completely agree. I live a block away and my girlfriend has an economics test tomorrow. We decided to go study at Antidote all the way over at Studemont because we knew the bass would rattle all the windows in the house, as it always does. Unbelievably, you could still hear hints of the sound all the way over there. Based on what I’ve read on Nextdoor too, it doesn’t seem possible at all that they stayed within the ordinance.

  • Sorry, but if you don’t like loud rap music, you’re just racist

  • And you’re a nazi if you like Wagner, SFP?
    But really: didn’t some people try to claim the American Government was “torturing” daesh operatives by keeping them awake with loud music? And how is what WOMH is doing to neighbors much different? If that was torture then this is, too, right?