Comment of the Day: How To Get That Sewage Smell out of Your Air Conditioning

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW TO GET THAT SEWAGE SMELL OUT OF YOUR AIR CONDITIONING Sewage Odor Coming from Air Conditioning Vent“Had this same issue with our home in Midtown. The issue ended up being the air intake was not large enough where the filter was. Because of this, the blower would suck air from the drainage pipe in the pan for the hot water heater that was next to it. Removed the filter and reduced the stress of air coming through; the sewage smell went away.” [Mr.Clean19, commenting on Mysterious ‘Odor Beyond Our Control’ Forces Closure of Strip Center Chinese Restaurant in Spring] Illustration: Lulu

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  • If you do this, your coil will need to be cleaned more often. If you don’t clean your coil more often after doing this, you’ll need a new system in less time. Just a heads up.

  • So your business isn’t doing very well and you want out. Step one-get out of the lease. To do that find something “actionable”. A pervasive and possibly self induced sewer smell will do nicely. Step two-creating an “unfortunate accident” for your business partner to collect on key person insurance.