Comment of the Day: How To Make a Houston Summer That Much Hotter

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW TO MAKE A HOUSTON SUMMER THAT MUCH HOTTER “I thought it was crazy to schedule an outdoor music festival in summer, too, and then I went one year and found myself surrounded by 10,000 girls in barely-there bikinis, and realized that an outdoor summer festival in Houston is, in fact, a stroke of genius. (And the heat wasn’t bad at all that year — the second Summerfest, I believe.)” [Anse, commenting on The Montrose Bar Where Souls Will Be Exchanged for Cocktails?]

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  • Sounds like the perfect place for pedophiles to be then.

  • I would assume that he meant to say 10,000 “women” in barely-there bikinis.

  • Pedophilia? Good grief!

  • lola is successfully trolling the swampies this week. Good work getting everyone riled up.

  • It’s not “trolling” when it’s someone’s opinion. Oh that’s right people aren’t allowed to have them anymore without someone getting offended. I don’t care if no one agrees or disagrees I read the blog every day and sometimes I’ll comment on posts.

  • @Lola, so your honest opinion was that Anse meant 10,000 girls under the age of 12, and that he chose Swamplot – public forum – as the place to broadcast to the world his preference for prepubescent girls?!?

    And you were in no way trolling…

    Ok. Sounds legit.

  • @lola: “Fitzgerald’s is terrible”

    ??? When was the last time you went? Omar has done a fantastic job with Fitz and with SummerFest. Lots of up-and-coming excellent bands, and well-run. Also, EARLIER show starts much appreciated by working folks.

  • hrm. Perhaps Lola isn’t a Houston native and doesn’t realize that the term ‘girl’ is interchangeable with woman, gal, or other term to describe a female of the species Homo sapien.
    Similar to that road that runs along the side of a freeway is a feeder, not an access road, or some other such nonsense.
    We also use the term ‘coke’ to reference any and all carbonated beverages. “what do you want to drink?” “A coke” “what kind, root beer, sprite, coke, dr pepper?” “oh, I’ll take a coke”