Comment of the Day: How To Preserve Both the Dome and the Dome Preservers On the Cheap

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW TO PRESERVE BOTH THE DOME AND THE DOME PRESERVERS ON THE CHEAP Proposed Astrodome modifications (A-Dome Park)“What we really need to work on is the future Astrodome museum ideas. After it’s eventually torn down, we could have a little building (double-wide trailer, perhaps?) that would house 2 exhibits – one for photos/models of the dome from planning stages to the day it was imploded/ dismantled/ whatever, and another to showcase the hundreds (thousands?) of ideas to save it. I’d be there opening day!” [Native Houstonian, commenting on How To Turn the Astrodome into a Vertigo-Inducing 3D Outdoor Park] Image of proposed Astrodome redevelopment project: A-Dome Park

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  • A collage in the men’s room stall of the new Four Seasons would be just fine. Sort of like how you can find Calvin Murphy in the stall at gallery furniture, but more upscale and classy.

  • A tip of the hat and a rim shot to @Commenter7.