Comment of the Day: How To Tell Who’s Been Visiting

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW TO TELL WHO’S BEEN VISITING “A lot of the time what people think are rat turds are actually cockroach turds. Cockroach turds are cylindrical while rat turds are more oval shaped. The fact that she caught a cockroach in her rat trap kind of confirms that suspicion.” [Carey, commenting on Dorm Rats: Where Are Those Owls When You Need Them?]

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  • i’m also not familiar with rats going after dead roaches, but after living in the montrose for a long while i do know roaches will come back for their own.

  • One thing I really love about this blog is how informative so many of the commenters turn out to be.

    But, sometimes it does make one wonder…..

  • I thought I had mice in my garage and put out sticky traps. Caught a few cockroaches, but nothing else. When the exterminator came, he said the droppings were from lizards. When I started looking, sure enough there were lizards running around. I don’t mind them.