Comment of the Day: Identifying the Wildlife on the Valentine Corner Law Office in Seabrook

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IDENTIFYING THE WILDLIFE ON THE VALENTINE CORNER LAW OFFICE IN SEABROOK “So those are dolphins along the sidewalk, made many years ago by Mr. Miller across the street. And there were sharks on the side of the building up high. I took them down a few years ago to have the sharks polished, and the guy I hired disappeared with my 2 sharks.” [Michael Valentine, commenting on TxDOT Wins Custody of Head-Turning Tiny Law Office in Seabrook Ahead of Planned Hwy. 146 Widening] Photo of Valentine Law Office, 1210 Bayport Blvd.: BFS Man [license]

One Comment

  • When all the “improvements” to I-45 began to tie up traffic on the way to and from Galveston, I began using 146 and was delighted to see the quirky law office for the first time. The rationale for adding 12, count ’em, 12 lanes so closely paralleled with I-45, imho, is shark-like in that TXDOT just needs to keep moving forward or it will die. And, the $114K for building & its land is a steal.