Comment of the Day: Inner Loop Reunion of the Ex-Presidents’ Heads

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INNER LOOP REUNION OF THE EX-PRESIDENTS’ HEADS “I wish someone would get all of the presidents back together! They are very sad now. A kind donor, say perhaps the magnanimous Landed Gent who always boasts of his splendor here on Swamplot, should cut a deal for the Wilshire Village property and foster the development of a Presidential Park. I’m sure it’s like a buy 20 get one free sort of deal, so maybe we could get that nifty telephone too.” [Bobby Hadley, commenting on Pearland Heads Cut Off: The WaterLight District’s Giant Presidential Bust]

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  • Somehow I don’t think some of the presidents welcome in Pearland would be welcome in Montrose.

  • How about putting them in the Landmark Chevrolet parking lot? It’s not being used for anything.

  • So noted. Lately, my philanthropic endeavors have been limited to putting Rick’s dancers through college in $20 increments. However, there is no way I could ever align myself with the unwashed hippies supporting that park.

  • I’d like to see them sprouting amid the major hwy interchanges aroung Houston, serving as mileposts the way Sam Houston does off I-45 just before Huntsville.

  • I agree with movocelot. One of the things I like about this city is the instances of “surprise art” one finds all over.