Comment of the Day: Inner Loop Townhome Shared Driveway Building Line Special

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INNER LOOP TOWNHOME SHARED DRIVEWAY BUILDING LINE SPECIAL “To detail what Red said, this means that if the units share a driveway, the building can go to the lot line provided there is a fire wall. This is why it is so important people know that they can file for minimum setbacks and minimum lot size, one side of a block at a time (or more). This is avaialbe to EVERYONE in the loop and has been for about two years.” [finness, commenting on A Setback for Jackson Hill]

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  • “This is available to EVERYONE in the loop and has been for about two years.”

    Available? It should just be a standard written into ordinance. One of our mayoral candidates always talks about her having been responsible for Chapter 42 and how it protects neighborhoods. Something maybe she shouldn’t talk about. It does only if the neighborhoods know how to protect their neighbhorhoods and have the signatures and the tenacity to go through the long process of “fighting city hall” which does everything it can to see to it that neighborhoods in fact cannot protect their neighborhoods.

    In reality Chapter 42 only protects the developers. Who even if it were a standard would still find ways to either obtain a variance or just ignore the law. And ordinance is supposed to be law. It might be if the city ever enforced the law. It rarely does. Money, as they say, talks. Particularly at City Hall.

  • All variances should be denied on principle.