Comment of the Day: Is ‘One Bin For All’ Too Big To Succeed in Houston?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IS ‘ONE BIN FOR ALL’ TOO BIG TO SUCCEED IN HOUSTON? “Seems to me this innovative program steps on the toes of so many entrenched industries (and their political, financial and criminal associations.) Too big. If he could start in small communities, gain popular support and a groundswell of political goodwill, it would be better for success — but I suppose small-scale would not be at all economically viable.” [movocelot, commenting on Here Come the Pizza Chains; The Rise and Fall of One-Bin Recycling; previously on Swamplot] Photo of recycling bin in the Heights: Charles Kuffner

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  • Folks who have to put up with those little green boxes need a better way to recycle. My neighborhood employs the big green bins on wheels for recyclables, and all we have to do is toss glass and organics in the big brown bin instead of the big green one (I do not know the official name for this kind of recycling). It would be a shame if the folks with little green boxes were being made to wait for the ‘one bin for all’ system: it would be a clear case of the the ‘best’ being the enemy of ‘good enough’. The recycling system doesn’t have to be perfect; doesn’t the city have other priorities?

  • where will all my amazon boxes go if they take away the green bin? :((

  • Sounds like COH gave them a raw deal, but also the concept sounds a little too good to be true Maybe it’s just the Press article. Every time I read something from them, I feel like they are trying too hard to convince me of something. It gives me that pushy car-salesmen feel and just makes more skeptical. At the end of the day I would have liked the see the concept tried. I mean, COH wastes millions on other things that have much less, or even no potential.