Comment of the Day: Islands of Value

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ISLANDS OF VALUE “I have come to believe that what is nearby means nothing at all to a lot of people. The Heights just east of Shepherd was, just a few years ago, mostly shotgun shacks and run down rentals. That stopped nobody from building half million dollar plus homes. Now- that doesn’t mean this place isn’t overpriced – a comp is a comp. I’m just saying that there are apparently many people who love being the castle surrounded by the serfs.” [finness, commenting on Swamplot Price Adjuster: Brookesmith in the 200s]

One Comment

  • So he/she would assume that mixes of residents in socio-economic status never live near each other.

    I’m happy the social assumption is shattered.

    Also, I would never assume someone living in a fairly non-updated cottage or bungalow is necessarily a “serf”. Many people of wealth live in extremely modest homes.