Comment of the Day: It’s All Happening at the University of Houston!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IT’S ALL HAPPENING AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON! “. . . You do realize that over the last two years, UH has opened up over 2,000 NEW rooms on campus, right? There’s a two year old graduate level loft building and a brand new all freshman dorm. Additionally, the Moody Towers will be getting a much needed rehab soon. The dining facility there has already been turned into a ‘fresh cooking’ concept that is getting rave reviews. AND, in the best news of all category, the Cougar Place apartments are in the process of getting razed right now and will be replaced with new housing. On the academic side, UH has added new space for the Honors College, MD Anderson Library, a new Cemo Hall, a Social Work Bldg rehab, expansion for the theatre school, architecture school improvements, a new home for PBS and the communications department, a new science bldg, and the school is currently building a massive bioscience/health science facility that will house a free eye clinic through the optometry school. This doesn’t even begin to mention the plans for the old Schlumberger property!” [doofus, commenting on UH: Fundraising for Robertson Stadium Replacement Halfway There]

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  • I’m just going to restate what I said earlier.

    “tired and old”- a female student was ABDUCTED and another female student was SEXUALLY ASSAULTED in her own room LAST WEEK

    moody towers rehab- their only taking out the nasty ass couches/beds and putting in bunk beds

    fresh food concept- I hope you’re joking, the food is absolutely AWFUL. Ask any student living at cougar village. I bought a commuter meal plan last semester and there was no way I would buy one for the spring after the horrible experiences that I had.

    new housing- fyi, housing isn’t being built at cougar place anytime soon, they’re going to be using that lot for parking because I don’t know if you haven’t heard, but over 1,000 parking spots at Robertson stadium will not be available next year because of the construction of the garage

    I for one am looking forward to transfer, I love the spirit on campus but no one will ever take UH seriously if they don’t

    1)require people to live on campus
    2)improve the surrounding neighborhood, ie arrest the panhandling crack heads at the entrance of the campus
    3)require that UHPD officers be under 250 pounds
    4)improve the quality of the student body

  • Yes, all while limiting system employee’s raises to well below the cost of living, and raising the out of pocket costs of our insurance significantly.

    U of H may be growing, but it’s on the backs of workers who are expected to tolerate low salaries that in effect shrink each year.

    I enjoy my job within the U of H system, but sadly will have to look for work elsewhere as soon as I can, because I can’t tolerate the financial instability the university expects me to put up with.

  • Mr. Robertrulz,

    I applaud your desire to transfer from UH, however, you should know that it’s presence on your transcript will prevent you from being accepted by an elite institution. Your best bet will be to consider a trade school or start digging ditches. (I hear the world needs ditch diggers too) That is all.

  • Requiring people to live on campus is a bad idea, but the campus eateries (like UC Satellite) do need economies of scale to have better hours. Once the LRT comes through, more housing may appear within a reasonable distance, and the campus may become more vibrant for more hours during the day.

  • Compared to private school or out of state tuition at a public school, UH is about as good as you are going to get for the money. It is largerly a commuter school that serves the Houston area. If you think the neighborhood is bad, try Temple U in Philly or Yale in New Haven or GA Tech in Atlanta. In fact, odds are pretty good that if you are going to a commuter school in a big city, you won’t be located in a choice neighborhood. UH is clumsily headed in the right direction. They are trying to raise standards in order to provide better opportunities for area students and to attract students from around the state. Unfortunately, in Texas, a football team can be as big a factor in college selection as anything. So, build a stadium quick before that Case Keenum guy turns 31 and graduates.

  • If you consider what UH has done in its short history things are looking good.

    There are only two other larger state schools in Texas, both of which have twice the history and 10 times the funding, but only one can barely scrape into the Top 50.

    It’s in the city of Houston’s best interest to get behind and support UH, not matter what school you support.

  • LandedGent – Ease up on the previous comments…

    “I applaud your desire to transfer from UH, however, you should know that it’s presence on your transcript will prevent you from being accepted by an elite institution. ”

    When the letters i-t-s are used as a possessive, you do not use an apostrophe. The apostrophe is only used when making a contracted phrase. I am sure you were aware of this grammatical error, and were just doing it for fun or irony…right???