Comment of the Day: Just Checking in on How Everyone’s Kitchen Counter Maintenance Program Is Going

COMMENT OF THE DAY: JUST CHECKING IN ON HOW EVERYONE’S KITCHEN COUNTER MAINTENANCE PROGRAM IS GOING “I keep hearing that you’re supposed to re-seal granite countertops once a year. Does anyone actually do this?” [Angostura, commenting on The Rise And Decline Of America’s Granite Countertops Obsession] Photo: MS International  

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  • I think most just take it for granite.

  • I thought it was every 5 years? And no, haven’t bothered either way.

  • Yes, and we all check our tire pressure every month, and change the air filter every 30 days.

  • My parents were early adopters – their granite has been in place for nearly 20 years, hasn’t received any maintenance, and looks like new.

  • In my experience, it depends on the granite. One slab in our house needed to be re-sealed every two or three years. Another hasn’t needed any re-sealing since the first time. In any case, I’ve never had to do it every year.