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  • Temping idea…

  • I believe if there is a spotlight on the flag, it can be left up. Check with the local VFW.

  • spotlight makes it okay to display at night, but it still should be taken down in the rain (apparently it’s okay if it’s an ‘all weather flag’).

    I’m more concerned about at football games when they display the flag flat over the field, this is a sign of disrespect, and also, no matter how hard they try, the flag touches the ground. another sign of disrespect. the people still cheer.

    Not to mention, our president doesn’t put his hand over his heart for personal reasons, however, it does state in the same code that when the national anthem is played military must stand at attention and salute, and citizens must stand at attention and put their hand over their heart.

    I’m not up on many laws of our country, but this one’s fairly easy to understand and follow.

  • toasty, Obama certainly does put his hand over his heart. The idea that he doesn’t is from a photo of him distracted, but right before he put it over his heart.

    It is legal not to follow flag etiquette. It is illegal to deface someone else’s property.

  • Thanks Bill, it appears I got suckered by the email chain claiming he didn’t.

    I still stand by the flag being displayed flat over the playfield at the start of numerous football games, and then touching the ground when they are gathering the flag. not to mention, there is a very specific way in which the flag should be folded, and they don’t seem to do that either.

  • @toasty,
    An email chain? Is that all it takes these days? How sad for you.

  • Three elections ago a bunch of people decided to show their patriotism by putting up stars and stripes stickers in the shape of a W. That’s way closer to a violation of the Flag Code (which as a matter of free speech is advisory only) than having some waving image in a background.