Comment of the Day: Look Out for Those Tweaked Townhomes!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: LOOK OUT FOR THOSE TWEAKED TOWNHOMES! “. . . My reason for staying away from those townhomes…Any one of those townhomes could be easily tweaked in the future to be 2 apartments. Pair that with the common driveways and you could easily have alot of people sharing a pretty small area.” [justguessin, commenting on Comment of the Day: Here Come the Almeda Promoters]

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  • I question the possibility….I think it’s a little more difficult than the duplexes and fourplexes around town that were once homes.

    If a townhome and shared driveway is part of an HOA, this can be stopped pretty easily, but there are many townhomes on shared driveways that do not have formal HOAs.

  • The pendulum between dense and sparse swings both ways.
    for the 80 years before my old single family montrose arts and crafts bungalow hit Swamplot’s Demolition Blotter, it was alot of things.

    1930s: constructed as a single family house and garage apartment

    1950ish: cleaved in half to make a duplex

    unknown: added locks and basic plumbing in a closet (4th key?)in spare spare bedroom

    1970ish: garage apartment abandoned and unsafe

    1980ish: cleaving undone, extra doors made into windows. a kitchen gets carpeted over and its all single family again
    2000ish:garage apartment torn down
    2010:home torn down

  • Without any zoning, and very few HOAs, I look at those townhouses and see future tenemants.

    That’s why I’m leaving the loop for another city. I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

  • And my duplex (that I own, free and clear where I have lived for 25 years) in Montrose was built to be just that. It didn’t start out as a single family home.