Comment of the Day: Lost Tomb of the Grand Parkway

COMMENT OF THE DAY: LOST TOMB OF THE GRAND PARKWAY “The bulldozed-over ones will make for some serious headscratching in the 23rd century when they are dug up and ‘discovered.’ Maybe the Asiatic Proconsul will use it as propaganda/proof [that] Global Manifest Destiny was already in the making in the early 21st century.” [SL, commenting on The 6,000 Garden Gnomes of Emperor Qin: Let the Great Houston Grave Ransacking Begin]

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  • I like how people are unable to read. The Grand Parkway will touch NONE of the Forbidden Gardens site. The owner is selling because it’s a money pit and his land which abuts the parkway is prime commercial land.

  • Uh, didn’t it say Harris County was attempting to acquire some of the land? I don’t believe the OP said a damn thing about the Grand Parkway.

    SL: The Asiatic Proconsul will also find vaults full of North American property deeds from the early 21st century as further evidence that manifest destiny was already well under way.

  • kilray,

    You can take the minute effort to just look at GoogleMaps or even the Grand Parkway website. You’ll see that the Forbidden Gardens will be completely untouched. A large undeveloped tract to the east of the Forbidden Gardens (owned by the same person) will have a tiny sliver taken from a corner of it.

  • kjb434: I believe you and actually don’t really care. I will endeavor to stay very far away from said Parkway. Hint: You won’t find my point on GoogleMaps.