Comment of the Day: Making the Astrodome a True Monument to Our Achievements Here

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MAKING THE ASTRODOME A TRUE MONUMENT TO OUR ACHIEVEMENTS HERE “It can be the Symbol of the City, and it can be torn down. This is Houston, where those two ideas are not opposed to one another.” [luciaphile, commenting on Comment of the Day: The Symbol of the City] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Again, all the comments to choose from and THIS is what you choose, a few sentences that relagate Houston to a symbol of a city that tears down its most iconic building and celebrates it as some high achievement of urban sophistication. I don’t see Houston that way at all, I see it as a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit, a city that Spawned the first domed stadium, invented the luxury box, created the upscale mall concept, built the tallest building outside of an urban core, created the greatest medical research center in the world–that’s my Houston.

  • “Created the upscale mall concept”!!!- that’s my CREOLE.
    Seriously, folks, for the love of CREOLE, vote to save the Dome. Step into the ballot box, close your eyes, and think of England – I mean, CREOLE!