Comment of the Day: Manhole Matchmaker

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MANHOLE MATCHMAKER “Ironically I have a 100lb cover sitting on the corner of my property. It’s not covering anything, it’s just sitting there. I’ve put out scrap metal in the same area that gets quickly picked up. I asked a few scrappers why no one never takes this cover, and they said scrap metal companies won’t take them (I guess for obvious reasons they’re not allowed and could get fined). So here I have a homeless cover, and there we have a coverless hole. If only there was a for road equipment.” [Cody, commenting on A Sidewalk Hazard’s Social Media Strategy]

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  • Sweet. I’m on a comment of the day roll :)
    but seriously, someone take my cover please. I’ll roll it across the street to the former lizard shop on the corner of w Alabama and Garrett.

  • Your cover must be round, otherwise it would seem that the solution is too obvious to post.

    Ps, why do you have a cover?

  • Why is it there? No idea. Same reason I end up with the occasional couch I have to get rid of I guess. Someone must have put it there?
    I’ll take a pic (if it’s still there) once I get back into town tonight.

  • Maybe the city wants it. 311 perhaps?

    Surely it has a home…..somewhere. It is just misplaced!

  • I bet the mayor wants it. Ditto to #4.