Comment of the Day: Memorial Highway

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MEMORIAL HIGHWAY “I really like the memorials constructed at ‘death-sites’ along roadways: They honor the deceased and alert us to risks, causing us to reflect on how easy it is to die in traffic accidents. I first saw this memorial custom on Grand Cayman Island where signs were erected at the sites of traffic fatalities. Years ago there were only a few, and, the twisted, rusty car wreckages were left in-situ as well. It was vivid and effective: Like performance-art really; Printed in white on the circular, black signs: ‘Accident Black Spot.’” [movocelot, commenting on Comment of the Day: What To Expect on That First Night in Your New Funeral Home]

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  • In some states these have become illegal because the people were injured while setting up the memorials.

    I don’t know if Texas has the rule. I know Louisiana enacted one but people still do it anyway.

  • Yes I’ve heard that; also elaborate markers may cause accidents due to rubber-necking!

    These signs I describe, however, are erected by a govt. agency & are uniform.