Comment of the Day: More Than Ready for the Next Big Boom Downtown

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MORE THAN READY FOR THE NEXT BIG BOOM DOWNTOWN Drawing of Dynamite“I cannot wait until they implode the Houston Club Building. Everyone who works in Pennzoil Place is currently on the verge of losing their minds because of the constant jackhammering on the building to prepare it for demolition. We’re happy the end appears to be in sight, but another six weeks of this is going to be tough to handle. I hope the construction workers are well-protected from the noise and dust this project is creating. If we’re going nuts, then I can’t imagine how they must feel.” [Courtney, commenting on Blowing Up the Houston Club; Dismantling a Radioactive Barge in Galveston] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I could not agree more with this comment. Sitting on the Milam side of Pennzoil Place is just the worst place ever right now. Walking past the Houston Club to and from work is depressing – I can’t wait for the demo!

  • Perhaps Courtney, you’d like to trade places with a soldier in Afghanistan, I’m sure they’d rather listen to a jackhammer than their alternative. Get some perspective. You should be greatful for your job and getting to work in an iconic building, instead of bitching about a jackhammer you don’t even have to weild. Is it really that hard to sit in the air conditioning behind thick glass listening to people actually work? Get a grip.

  • Another world class C of D, Swamplot

  • @Courtney: Please don’t take Shannon seriously. He’s just jealous since he has never had a comment selected as Comment of the Day here on Swamplot.

  • And, another set of world class whining by Shannon, who has, obviously, never had to work in an environment where there is demolition going on within earshot for an extended period of time. I am wondering just why Shannon thought the reference to military in Afghanistan was appropriate.

  • I am involved with this project and I can tell you we all wear our hearing protection! I personally don’t like the noise either, but it is a necessary evil of what we do. You should however thank us, the owner originally wanted the building taken down completly by hand. This would have prolonged the noise for a much longer time. We try to be good neighbors, after the implosion things should quiet down some.

  • I vote for Shannon’s most ridiculous and disproportionate comment of all time as CotD, both to expose him to further ridicule and to end his whining about never getting it.

  • Hear, hear Spoonman!

  • @JJ Thanks for the information about the project. I did not know about the original deconstruction plans, so thanks for reducing the time period for the demolition prep. I understand the demolition has been a slow process because Skanska is trying to prevent debris damage when the building is ultimately imploded. We are definitely thankful for that. I’m also happy to hear you guys have proper hearing protection. Good luck going forward. The new building looks really nice, based on the drawings I’ve seen.

  • I think her bitching was ridiculous and out of proportion with what’s actually important in the world, the fact a few on here, the usual, don’t see it it typical of the kind of people who frequent this site. Sad, really, not for me, I know that those kids are sacrificing, but for you, who think this woman is correct to make such an issue over something so fucking trivial. She’s not even doing the work! She just has to endure the noise from the people actually doing the work in the hot sun. Give me a break and cry me a River

  • @Shannon; Pretty much everything on this site and most websites is trivial if you compare it to the real problems in the world (war, famine, disease…). I’m pretty sure that Courtney, as well as everyone else on this site, realizes that serving in any war is a lot worse than putting up with construction noise. You complain more than anyone else so it’s a little ridiculous hearing you complain about someone else doing what you do daily (hourly). She also expressed concern for the workers who have it much worse that she does. Your daily rants are arrogant and childish.

  • @Shannon. Her (Courtney’s) bitching was ridiculous compared with what’s going on the world? So I guess your bitching about tearing down bungalows, Sugar Land not making a park out of a prison farm, people daring to speak against Gerald Hines, etc….is more important than African famine, ISIS beheadings, and the Palestinian conflict? Must be lovely on your little planet…….

  • “Sure, Spoonman., the mortgage interest deduction makes housing more expensive and screws the poor, but it’s ridiculous to complain about that compared to the NAZIS!”

  • @Shannon: So people shouldn’t bitch about trivial things? I assume that excludes you, right?