Comment of the Day: New Art Supply Will Crop Up Somewhere off Main St. Ahead of Planned Highrising

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NEW ART SUPPLY WILL CROP UP SOMEWHERE OFF MAIN ST. AHEAD OF PLANNED HIGHRISING “The owners of Art Supply are moving to a new location. This is a successful store, and the owners have no intention of closing up and retiring. In addition, this building has been used as studios for artists for decades as well as a location for art classes. Their new location will also have art studios.” [Robert Boyd, commenting on Australian Developer Now Has All 3 Midtown Blocks Lined Up for Incoming Highrise Trio] Photo: Keaton Joyner

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  • Im sure there is a nice warehouse for them to use on the east end.

  • They are building something new.

  • it will be a new building on almeda

  • Glad to see that Art Supply is planning on staying in business.
    I shopped there when they were on Richmond Ave and at their Main St location, and have found that their salespeople are polite, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions the customer might have.
    Their level of service is far above That Other Place That Sells Art Supplies In Texas.